Our Balanced Approach to Preschool Education

Lyric Preschool Director, Mr. Curtis, didn’t realize that preschool was his calling until his own son started pre-school at the age of two. He became deeply interested in his child’s new day-to-day environment and decided to change his own direction.

“I loved [his preschool] so much, I went back to school and got a degree in Childhood Development: at Pacific Oaks College. In 1990, Mr. Curtis purchased Lyric Preschool, which had already been serving the community for since 1965.

“Some preschools are play-based,” Mr. Curtis says, “and some are more academic; we try to split the difference.” There’s a new theme each week at Lyric, such as Jobs People Do, Our Five Senses, Pets, and Weather. The children learn how to relate each theme through songs, arts and crafts, toys, puzzles, and books.

The kids at Lyric are given a really balanced amount of structure and freedom—they have a schedule, but are allowed to make many of their own choices within that schedule. Every morning at around 9 am, the kids gather for Circle Time. Here they all cozy up on a bright, plush carpet around their teacher and work together as a group for about fifteen minutes. Mr. Curtis explains that Circle Time teaches the kids to sit quietly and listen and function as a group. At this age, it isn’t reasonable to expect them to sit still and be quiet for long periods of time.

After Circle Time the kids scatter throughout the classroom and choose their own activities. Their teachers supervise and facilitate their play, which melds into learning and tactile development, while Mr. Curtis gleefully plays the piano in the corner of the room. He, the teachers, and the students all sing together and create a joyous environment wherein the children don’t seem to realize the extent of their multi-tasking.

Potential parents are welcome to come visit the school, and of course to bring their child/children with them so that they can get a feel for Lyric as well.