Lyric Preschool’s Child Care Policies and Guidelines

Parent Handbook
Child Care Policies


revised January 2023


Lyric Preschool hours are: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
We are open year-round.
We offer Full-day Early Childhood programs, 4 or 5 days.
Half-day programs are also available 5 days a week.

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Before your child may enter Lyric Preschool, he or she must be at least two (2) years old and in good health.
The following forms must be fully complete before enrollment:

1. Enrollment and Agreement
2. Consent for Medical Treatment
3. Physician's Report - Day Care Center
4. Child's Pre-admission Health History
5. Child's History
6. Parent's Rights
7. Personal Rights - Community Care Facilities
8. Child Abuse Pamphlet


It is your responsibility to keep the above information current (especially home and business address, daily phone number, names of emergency contact persons and their phone numbers).


A nonrefundable registration fee is required upon enrollment. The first and last week's tuition is also required on the first school day.

Tuition is due on the first school day of the month or each Monday if paying weekly. All tuitions should be payable in advance. Late payment may result in your child being refused admittance to the school. Tuition not received before each Wednesday or the fifth (5th) of each month is subject to a $25.00 per week late charge. If an emergency arises in terms of payment, please contact the Director.

If a check is returned to us, you will be required to pay an additional penalty fee of $20. If more than one check is returned to us, you will be required to pay in cash only.

The school closes promptly at 5:00 p.m. There is a $10.00 charge for every 15 minutes if you pick up your child after 5:00 p.m. This fee is to be paid directly to the teacher who waits with your child.

Morning half-day children's late pickup fee is $10.00 per hour with notification in advance.


The only persons allowed to pick up a child are those listed on the Enrollment Form. If for some reason the parent or guardian wants someone else to pick up their child, they must write down all the required information on the school's AUTHORIZATION FORM in advance. This form is located under the sign-in sheet. For your child's protection, telephone authorization should be avoided unless it is an emergency.

Each child must be signed IN and OUT each day by an authorized adult 18 years or older. 



We are closed on all the major holidays;

New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King's Birthday
Washington's Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day


If any holiday falls on the weekend, we will be closed the same day as the Federal Government.



A reasonable amount of time for illness is considered when determining the tuition rates and no adjustments can be made on absence(s) for the first week.

If, however, your child should be absent for more than a week due to an extended illness, no tuition charge is made for the second week and consecutive weeks with a valid physician's report.


Your child will be placed in a group according to age, activities and abilities.
We have two classes;
Teddy Bear Class  2 - 3 years old
Sunshine Class  4 - 5 years old

Some students will be placed in combination class if classes are full.

California Department of Education ~ Code - E11.273 - (Please request form for dates.)



Parents and guardians shall provide all meals for your child. We suggest finger foods,snacks and juices packed in a lunch-box with blue ice.
If your child has any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please provide us with the necessary information.

Lyric Preschool is a PEANUT- FREE preschool because of food allergies.


Birthday parties are held during the afternoon snack period (3 p.m.). If you wish to provide party foods, we suggest the following; cupcakes, fruit kabobs or cheese and vegetable kabobs or other foods easily eaten with fingers. Ask the director for additional information sheet.


We accept children who are still in diapers. There is an additional $80 monthly fee for this service. Parents must provide diapers and wipes for your child.


All medications to be administered at school must be in a PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE with your Child's name and the Doctor's statement that your child is well enough to attend school and must receive the medication at school. We cannot administer any medication without this written notice.

There is a medication list that must be signed daily by the parent or guardian to administer medication. The medication sign-in sheet is located on the kitchen bulletin board.

Medication is given at noon and 4 P.M.


Parents will be informed of the latest developments and announcements concerning the school through notices on the Parent bulletin board or front door. Please check these daily. PLEASE READ ALL NEWSLETTERS THAT ARE SENT HOME. Monthly newsletters and flyers are used as a means of communication and are considered to be supplemental to this handbook.


Each family is allotted two (2) weeks of vacation per year. To save your child's space, half tuition is required during this period. Please notify Lyric School at least one week in advance about your vacation. If extended periods are taken, the student may re-enroll upon availability.


A reasonable amount of time for absences is considered when determining the tuition rate. Because of fixed costs, no credit can be allowed for absences due to illness.


Lyric Preschool will remain open during the summer months. We will become a year-round preschool closing on Federal Holidays and certain half days. Please check your monthly newsletter for specific dates.


Please check your child's creative and academic work everyday. Their work represents a very serious effort on their part. It is important to communicate and discuss their work daily. All their work is located in their individual mail slot located in the upper room.


Play is a child's work. We are privileged that it is ours also. The challenge is to provide play that stimulates curiosity that leads to discovery, build self-esteem and encourage mastery.


All new students will be observed for the first few months of admission. At the end of this trial period, it will be determined if your child is ready for our preschool environment.
Lyric Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment from the program if we cannot meet the needs of your child.


Books, records, and tapes are always welcomed. Other toys may be brought on SHARE DAY, usually Fridays. The only exception is a small stuffed animal (labeled) that eases the transition from home to school. This is during the child's first few weeks.


If your child is ill, please do not bring them to school. It poses the hazard of infecting other children and is unfair to expect a child, who is not feeling well, to cope with the demand of participating in a group. The following criteria will be used to determine whether your child is too ill to attend or remain at school:

1. Oral temperature of 100 degrees or greater.
2. Vomiting (2 or more episodes in the previous 24 hours)
3. Unidentified rash or severe itching.

Please refer to "Guidelines for Excluding Ill Children" for additional symptoms.
If you feel your child is not well enough to play outside, he or she is too ill to come to school.
If a teacher contacts you to pick up your child from school, due to his illness, please make every effort to come within an hour's time.


Please keep your child's comfort and activities in mind when choosing their clothing for the day. Warm sweaters or jackets are recommended during FALL and WINTER with long pants or tights. Shoes must fit securely, (tennis shoes are best) and please no thongs. The children do a lot of climbing during their active days.

Each child should keep at least one complete set of clothing at school, as well as a smock for Art Work.

Be sure to LABEL EVERYTHING YOUR CHILD BRINGS TO SCHOOL, especially JACKETS. Markers are available at the sign-in desk. We cannot be responsible for lost items.

If your child borrows clothing belonging to Lyric School, please return them as soon as possible as our supply is limited.



Each child needs;
(1) crib-size fitted sheet
(2) a small crib-size blanket
(3) a small pillow
(4) a stuffed animal
(5) pillow case to place all nap articles or a child-size sleeping bag.



We offer opportunities to learn the following two (2) modes;

1. Experimental Learning (Open-classroom guided free play). Opportunities for the child to make choices among interesting activities to work at their own pace and explore materials in novel ways.
2. Group Participation (Small, formal and informal groups). Exposure to new skills, concepts, reading, math, science and other opportunities for cooperative working.

Each and every day, experiences with these two modes are provided.
In addition, our program is also designed to provide a balance of activities for physical, emotional and intellectual growth in the children. The content of activities includes;

1. Self-image and interpersonal skills.
2. Large and small muscle development.
3. Reading readiness activities.
4. Math readiness activities.
5. Science concepts.
6. Language development.
7. Creative expression (art, music & dance).
8. Cultural awareness.

Activities that encompass each of these curriculum areas are planned & posted on the bulletin board.
Please read the prepared LESSON PLANS every week. One activity may incorporate several content areas.

Since your child spends a large part of their day at school, please share with us any special circumstances that arise at home so that we will be better able to understand his or her behavior and offer support in any way we can.


Your child is enrolled for the entire school year. If you wish to terminate your child's enrollment, you must give a two week notice or pay two weeks tuition in lieu of notice.

If your child is absent for more than two weeks without notifying the school, we will assume that you have dropped-out of the program and offer your child's place to another family on the waiting list. This means that we may not be able to guarantee a space for your child. If you wish to return, you must pay any unpaid balance and a registration fee before your child may return to school.



In addition to our semester progress report and Graduation program, the school also offers parent conferences concerning your child's development.
The Director and Staff are always available to discuss any concerns you might have. Please feel free to arrange a meeting for any reason.
We are glad your family is a part of our school. Together, we will provide your child with the best possible care.